360 SITE VIDEO OCEAN BLOCK– 31 July 2016

This short video is of the building site.

I stood on a rock towards the back of the ocean block, and turned in a circle.  It gives you a perspective of the building site. I am positioned about 70 metres from the ocean, 10 metres in from the back, and 10 metres in from the left side.

Lots of landscaping ahead for Darleen and me.

Enjoy the tour … https://youtu.be/FKADIQvUpek

PATH WALK – 31 July 2016

For this short video you start at the ocean, and walk up towards the wine and tapas bar.

Building in Vanuatu at Mangaliliu you are not permitted to build a solid structure within 30 metres of the median high water mark. So the front edge of the wine and tapas bar and our bungalow are on the 30 metre line.

As you can tell … we wanted to be a close to the ocean as possible.

Enjoy the tour … https://youtu.be/1ecCp24VGPg


The next four (4) videos give you a construction update of the four (4) main structures.

Wine & Tapas Bar … https://youtu.be/GOIlbT0hvAk

Bungalow … https://youtu.be/rhS_PpMUmaw

Glamping Hut One … https://youtu.be/UBKa639dXB8

Glamping Hut Two … https://youtu.be/oPzKMyzN36k

Scott building in Vanuatu