New words for the vocab? Absolutely! So by now you know our place will be called Divi’s… and I spoke about the Glamping Huts in an earlier blog (Glamorous Camping). Have you heard of Crowd Funding yet? If not, here you go…

Crowd funding is one of those new great ideas that would not be possible without the internet and social media. The Idea is that you engage one of the crowd funding websites, we chose ‘GoFundMe’ and write your story and invite the people in your circles to fund whatever your cause is. Some people use it for charity, some for helping out a person, or a family who has gone through a tough time, and some to raise money for a new venture or business. I am sure there are more, but they are the ones I know about.

For us it is about a new business. If you have not seen our blog please check it out ( ). We have purchased the leases of 2 beautiful blocks of land near Mangaliliu in Vanuatu. We decided urban life on the Gold Coast Australia was not for us anymore. We wanted a new adventure!

We are building a bungalow to live in, or rent out as a premium B&B offering, a Wine and Tapas Bar and some Glamping Huts in the rainforest. So where does the GoFundMe come into play? We are offering a heavily discounted 2 night stay in one of the Glamping Huts including Breakfast for just AUD$100, that’s per room not per person! Once we are up and running and the Glamping Huts are taking bookings, they will be about AUD$250 per night.

By spending AUD$100 on our GoFundMe campaign, you will actually be helping to build a Glamping Hut! You will be part of the adventure. So come and share a little piece of paradise with us.

Check out the GoFundMe page… I have just added a short video, they will go up quick so I’ll keep you posted with more photos when I can, as Scott has mentioned the internet is very slooooowwwww…. and it it almost impossible to upload photos.

See you soon