‘Lock it in Eddie…’ divi’s is definitely the name we are going with. It is short for Divergent Life and we think it has a catchy ring to it. Easy to say and remember… We reserved the business name in Vanuatu when we were there last month.

divi's bar tapas b&b


We designed the logo ourselves, having paid a few others on fiverr to give it a go, nothing really took our fancy. I started drawing it one day and decided to hop on to paint on the PC and see if I could get what I wanted. It worked beautifully! We then contacted our local Snap printing place in Southport and I spoke to Hayley, we asked her to tidy up what I had created and design a business card for us. She did a fantastic job and we are ecstatic with the result… As you can see from the graphic above, it is clean and simple and reflects what we are going to create.

Everything is starting to accelerate now, in less than 8 weeks we will be moving out of our lovely apartment in Main Beach. We are simplifying things as much as possible and will rent a small one bedroom furnished unit while we tighten up the timeline.

We want to pack the stuff we are keeping into a shipping container and my daughter Sam will get most of our furniture. The rest will go to vinnies.

I found a company who sell ‘once used’ shipping containers for a really good price, $1,850USD. They are just like new, water and vermin proof and will make a great sheds once we get them (2 in total) to our block.

I need to organise a truck to get it from their yard in Brisbane and bring it down to Oxenford at the north end of the Gold Coast. Our friends Glenn and Linda have a place we can put the container while we fill it. We have found some beautiful tiles for the floor of our Bungalow, they look like old wood, and I just cannot buy anything like that over there.

Hmmm… speaking of the bungalow I have not shown you our plans yet… I’ll do that over the weekend, perhaps a little video will be easier.

Stay tuned for the plans for divi’s at Mangaliliu.

See you in paradise…


divi's bar tapas b&b