The first day of 2017 … WOW.

We wish you a Happy New Year as you read our latest blog.

Dec 2016 New Year S&D

Dec 2016 New Year

We spent the end of 2016 at our neighbour’s café (Back to Eden – Alan & Bronwen) with the local village.

Check out our video:

Custom at Mangaliliu (Vanuatu) is to say goodbye to the sun, singing local songs, as it sets for the final time for the year … then return to the village for Nakamal, before singing in the New Year at midnight.

We finished 2016 on a high. The kitchen, bar and seating are set up at Divi’s …

Dec 2016 Divis tables

Dec 2016 Divis long shot

We are waiting for the solar replacement parts (received under warranty from Taiwan) to be installed – we will open the bar in the next two (2) weeks.

Last year we spent New Year on the Gold Coast with friends and family talking about our ideas and hopes for what we might achieve at our recently purchased blocks in Mangliliu Vanuatu throughout 2016 – proudly (pun intended) we are drinking our morning coffee in our amazing beachside bungalow, glancing left at Divi’s bar, listing to the ocean lap on the beach … we have come a long way!

Check out our postings on Airbnb:

Divi’s Glamping Bungalow
– Two confirmed Airbnb bookings already!
Glen & Linda – thanks for their help when we were loading our containers
Gai & Darren – GoFundMe investors

Divi’s Beachside Bungalow

Looking forward to sharing our paradise with you in 2017.

Darleen & Scott