Being an another country is always exciting for me… so many new things to see, taste, experience… We arrived on the 6th of May this trip and Scott flew back to the Gold Coast on the 16th. So I have been here by myself for almost 3 weeks. Before he left we bought our car/truck and like it or not I have had to drive around on my own, on the wrong side of the road, up steep slippery hills in a very large Ute (it is a 3Lt Manuel Diesel Isuzu Ute).

I have to say it has been a little lonely being here by myself. I fly back into Brizzy this afternoon, I quite like having time to myself, but 3 weeks is too long without Scott. We will both be back on about the 20th June and we are renting Bob and Kelly’s place as they have to go back to Gladstone for a few months to sort out some business stuff. It will be so good coming back here and living at Mangaliliu, with Scott.

Food shopping here is different… if you can find things items you need you automatically find yourself converting the prices back to AUD. I guess that will wear off eventually…? A very large portion of the community is French, so many of the stores carry French products, which is great, but sometimes it is hard to work out what it says on the packet! I speak no real French and no Bislama. Most of the Ni-Van’s speak at least 4 languages, French, English, Bislama and their village dialect, which apparently can be completely different to Bislama.

Some of the fruit and veg is foreign, some just a little different to home. You can buy things that are imported from Australia and New Zealand like Broccoli and Zucchini and Capsicum, but they are very expensive, so we will have to grow whatever we can and find ways to use what is available instead of buying whatever we want at any time of the year.

The bugs! In the room there was a constant invasion of teeny tiny brown ants, they would be all over a plate in a matter of 10 minutes unless you rinse the dishes straight away. There was a Gecko living in the room, I did see it a couple of times, I don’t mind their little chirp and hopefully it chomped up any rouge mozzies that found their way in. Centipede’s let themselves in under the front door every night. It was a little disconcerting to crunch one underfoot in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.

Out at the block I have been fascinated by the garden skinks, they have iridescent tails in blue and green, so pretty. And when you go down to the little coral beach and stay still for a while you will see the ground moving with hundreds of small hermit crabs.

So things are really underway now, the foundations have been dug, we are moving again (out to the block when we came back) and we have put in our application for an Environmental Impact Assessment for Divi’s, which apparently we should have done when we applied for the building permit, but no one told us that. It should be almost done by the time we get back.

Our shipping container is almost full and should be leaving the Port of Brisbane on the 1 July.

All in all I think we have made huge headway in the last 4 weeks, I don’t really want to leave when the building is about to come out of the ground, but it was booked months ago, before we had a builder. It will be good to catch up with family and friends for a couple of weeks, but when we leave the Gold Coast on the 20th, I have no idea when I will be back in AU. We will activate our Vanuatu Residency visa’s when we come back next time.

It just challenges your mind when there is so much new stuff happening around you constantly… and I love it!



See you in Paradise…