It is the 19th of June today, I flew back to the Gold Coast on the 5th of June. It was strange being back. Right now I am in Sydney with my eldest daughter Sam, visiting my parents, and my lovely friend Melissa, who I’ve known for 30 years. We also hand lunch with my brother Scott and his partner Jo.

My Scott worked this week just gone and we both fly back to Port Vila on the 20th June. This time we both have one way tickets as we are activating our residency visa’s! Very exciting.

I spent most of the 10 days on the Gold Coast shopping and seeing friends, I think we were out for dinner all but 2 nights. We also took delivery of the solar panels and Scott had to work his magic again to fit them in the container. I had not been out to the container since flying in and when Scott opened the doors that morning, I thought ‘there is no way we will fit these panels in…’ Scott pulled about a third of the container back out as he felt it could have been packed better. So we had the flatpacked kitchenette and half the stainless steel flatpacks, and heaps of other stuff out on the driveway. The guy arrived with the box of solar panels on the back of a ute, we had to take them out of the massive box one by one to unload them, lean them against the container and then squeeze the box into it’s spot in the container (up ended), then load them all back into the box. All but one got back in the box!

Darleen in the container with the solar panels

Darleen in the container with the solar panels

The panels themselves are not as heavy as I thought they would be, only about 15 kg each. But when you have to handle 30 of them twice, they get very heavy!

Scott then went to work finding the right bits for every nook and cranny… he really is the 3D puzzle king! He got it all in and then we had room left so he said I should order the chest freezer… it arrived 2 days later and it got in too! So the container is now officially full and ready to be shipped to Port Vila.

In my next blog I will have lots to share with the progress of the building, will do that in the next day or so.