The buildings are out of the ground…

Pictures are the best way to tell this story… We have been here for a week as of tomorrow afternoon. When we got here the Bungalow slab had been poured and had a couple of rows of blocks in place. The foundations had been poured on the Tapas Bar. A week later the Bungalow has 9-10 rows of blocks and the walls are up to floor level on the Tapas Bar and the fill is arriving tomorrow.

We spent a day clearing the areas for the first 2 Glamping huts, Scott did a fantastic job with his ‘kinfe’ (machete) slashing through the bush. I’ll do a separate blog about that day!

So here you go…

Divis Vanuatu Bungalow 8

Divis Vanuatu Bungalow Monday 4

Bungalow Monday 

Divis Vanuatu Bungalow Monday

Bungalow Monday

Divis Vanuatu bungalow 10


Divis Vanuatu Bungalow 9

Bungalow Monday

divis vanuatu Bungalow Thursday

Bungalow Thursday

Divis Vanuatu Tapas Bar 2

Tapas Bar Monday

Divis Vanuatu Tapas Bar1

Tapas Bar Monday

Divis Vanuatu Tapas Bar 3

Tapas Bar Monday

Divis Vanuatu Tapas 4

Tapas Tuesday

Divis Vanuatu Tapas 6

Tapas Wednesday

Divis Vanuatu Tapas 7

Tapas Bar Thursday

Another update in a few days to follow, they are going really quickly! I guess with 10 guys on the site it is do’able.

The slab for the tapas should be down by the end of this week.