In the last few weeks the focus for construction has moved back to our bungalow. The goal is for us to move in and reside permanently in the bungalow the first week of October 2016 … saying goodbye to renting Bob’s house.

Check out the video taken earlier this morning. It shows me walking from the road down through the front block to the ocean …

Sadly in the last week Abbie, one of the village bakers, lost his wife. It came as a surprise. She died on Friday night, and was buried on Saturday. A very quick process. Part of Vanuatu custom is for the village to mourn her passing for five (5) days. Lots for us to learn about the local culture. We don’t want to just be here. We want to be part of the community, understanding the culture and the Vanuatu way of doing things. To add to the local community, through employment, and sharing local history and cultural knowledge with our family, friends and guests.

Scott from Mangaliliu in Vanuatu