Hi … Darleen and I are “jumping” into this adventure together, so here is my first blog to give you another perspective. Hope you enjoy the read, and laugh with us as we confront the ups and downs to achieve our ultimate goal – a DIVERGENT LIFE.

Family and friends who know me well are terrified for Darleen. We have been together for nearly 10 years, married 5 February 2011.

I do not think of myself as a practical person, that is Darleen’s area of expertise. I have worked behind a desk most of my life. I do not fix things, I replace them. If it is broken … throw it out and buy another one!  This approach may not be as “financially responsible” in Vanuatu as it has been in Australia. Time will be the judge.

Starting our adventure from scratch would test most, but undertaking the challenge in “laid back” Vanuatu … let’s just say family and friends are giving cautious support!

I gained my business degree with an accounting major in 1985. My first career job was with Coopers & Lybrand in Melbourne for a few years, before joining Mum and Dad in the family business in Western Victoria.

That all changed in 1992 when I moved to the Gold Coast with my first wife and son Blake. My daughter Elise arrived a few years later. I worked in accounting/admin roles until I started an accounting practice from my garage in Nerang in 1996, with one person – ME.

Over many years I was lucky to surround myself with an awesome team, who made me look really good. The accounting business evolved way beyond me into DIAGNO Accountants & Business Strategists – www.diagno.com.au.

As an accountant I developed a skill set that assisted clients, whether that involved staff, suppliers, landlords, bankers or the Australian Tax Office. I was able to be part of many negotiations, and developed a skill for facilitating clients to achieve desired outcomes, as well as reading and interpreting the fine print in many agreements and contracts.

Lucky for us … these areas are a pet hate for Darleen.

Couple my knowledge with Darleen’s practical skills, and awesome cooking talents – why not open a Bar – Tapas – B&B in Vanuatu!

Scott swimming divis at Mangagliliu

Swimming – divis at Mangaliliu Vanuatu

Not my best look, but the snorkeling at Mangaliliu Vanuatu is amazing.

So here we are … forging ahead with our aspirations in Vanuatu.

From a desk job as an accountant to running a bar in Vanuatu!

I look forward to April 2017, when Darleen and I open “divi’s” Bar – Tapas – B&B and I can prepare your favourite cocktail as we gaze across the calm blue ocean waters soaking in a view of world heritage listed HAT Island (Artok).