The 2015 festive season has finished for us. We had an awesome time with friends and family from near and far. Also thrown into the mix was my 50th birthday party.

Not a normal celebration! We all spent the afternoon at Game Over Gold Coast ( go-karting; rock climbing and lazer tag; before returning home for dinner, drinks and birthday cake. For me it was a great way to celebrate turning 50!

Now it’s 2016, and we are looking forward to the year … are you?

As outlined in previous blogs, Darleen and I are turning our whole world upside down, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

For 30 years I sat behind a desk as an Accountant.


Not sure about you, but I was tired of same shit … different day!

Early last year I woke up one morning and realised my “season” in accounting was finished!

Later that morning I shared this news with my business partner. Kris ( has been amazing and is working with me to start my new chapter in life.

Darleen and I want to create something from scratch.

For us, what is important?

  • To be able to wake up, walk down to the beach, and go for a swim.
  • To live and be “doing it” overseas.
  • To generate an income overseas.
  • Our motto – “life is an adventure” & that is our responsibility.

Darleen designed and had made our wedding bands. They say “Life is an Adventure”.

Wedding rings

So … where could we go, and what could we do?

Mid 2013 we put our heads together and started to develop a loose framework around our thoughts:

  • Warm tropical climate
  • Island paradise appealed
  • Warm and friendly people
  • Within three (3) hours direct flight of Brisbane
  • Challenge us
  • Be something new
  • Affordable (without debt)

Darleen and my paramount goal was to share a new challenging adventure together, which opened a world of discovery, while contributing to the new community we would join.

From this initial framework, Darleen has shared how Mangaliliu Vanuatu is the location we chose.

Look forward to welcoming you to our paradise.