A few of weeks ago we met with an architect and a draftsman to talk about what we are going to create on our land. We liked both of them and thought we should see what the cost would be for each for concept drawings and build drawings. Having never built before neither of us had any idea how much this would cost, or how long it would take.

The draftsman Ned Micovic had a quote back to us the day after we saw him. We both liked him straight away. He listened to everything we had to say, asked heaps of question (so he could understand why I had drawn my mud maps the way I had), and made helpful suggestions to improve what I had already done.

He was about to go on holidays so we were in no hurry to get back to him with the go ahead, and we were still curious as to how much the architect was going to charge for the same job. After a week we gave up on the architect. Even now he still has not come back to us with a quote!

We told Ned we would like to work with him. Ned was back from his holiday on the 14th of December and he let us know he had finished the conceptual drawings by Tuesday afternoon. Woohooo! We expect to receive them in the post within a few days … so excited to see what I have been doodling and drawing up for 10 months actually drawn up for real by an expert!

We took a whole lot of video in November and Scott has been busy on the edit side of things, here is another short video of … mostly the block.

YouTube link… https://youtu.be/hD8zOlQhl8g

Block 8 Block 9 Block 7

Scott making a path, divi’s back block, Mangaliliu Vanuatu

You can see how densely covered the land is. I think I mentioned previously that the developer and a team of local guys were clearing the under growth on the block next door, and now they are doing that for us.

Both our blocks should look wonderful when we get back there in February 2016.

In the video you can also see the water at low tide, and where the channels are.

See you in paradise.