We start October 2016, knowing that this will most likely be the last four (4) weeks onsite with Richard the builder. We want to share our experience. Remember, we are building in a remote part of North Efate at Mangaliliu, about 30 minutes from Port Vila in Vanuatu. And neither Darleen or I have every built a house before …

At this point, after having Richard (builder) start the last week in May 2016, we must say building with Richard from Rabco Constructions in Vanuatu has been wonderful. He has different teams of guys for different jobs: block laying, woodwork, plaster and painting, then tiling. Each team has a leader (Dominic, Bong, Ben, Phillip, Pieor), and between 2-6 local Ni-Van (local Vanuatu person) in each team.

They have all been great.

We didn’t realise, but Dominic had been watching Darleen in the garden all week. One Monday (29 August 2016) morning he arrived onsite with a huge collection of cuttings and plants as a gift for Darleen, who spent the whole day creating a garden (Dominics garden – we will show you when you visit). It is coming along well.

Another morning we had been placing better soil from the back of the block into garden beds we created down near the path from the beach. Over the lunch break, one of Dominics team created three bird nest ferns about six (6) feet up on three separate trees. They look great – how lucky were we!!

As you will see in the video link, there has been lots of progress to share with you, and we are very excited – https://youtu.be/IIMJSEvaTXY

We are looking forward to opening Divi’s to guests on Friday 16 December 2016.

Scott from Vanuatu.