So exciting to see something that we designed come to life… almost like having a baby!

The builder and his first team arrived on site on Tuesday morning. They had dropped off a few materials to get the site shed started on the Monday afternoon. By Tuesday after noon they had created a shed to lockup to keep all their tools in (and our new generator) and were able to lock it up that night.

I was there for an hour or so yesterday morning and they had marked out the location of our bungalow. I had some admin stuff to do in town this morning so I did not get there till about 1pm.

Wow! They had the foundation trenches dug and by the time I left at 4pm today, the steel was in place and they will be ready to pour concrete in the next 2 days. We have been waiting on a Building Engineer to draw up plans for the footings and stuff… still waiting. Richard cannot pour the footings until the engineer has checked it all.

And in amongst all that action the surveyor arrived to check our boundary lines. Maurice is a very swave dude! And such high tech equipment in the jungle.

Anyway pictures speak 1000 words, so here you go… happy days!

shed almost done

shed almost done

Cuting Tin Island style

Cutting Tin Island style hammer and a knife!

Bong bending steel with his hands

Bong bending steel with his hands

Checking the lines...

Checking the lines…

the footings...

the footings…

love the OHS over here...! no shoes, thongs or sandles at best

love the OHS over here…! no shoes, thongs or sandals at best

Tom tieing off the steel

Tom tying off the steel

Maurice the surveyor

Maurice the surveyor



See you in Paradise…