Ok… so I promised you a video of the water…. This link should get you to it… https://youtu.be/vqvTmza41W4

This was at about 2 hours off high tide, the colour of the water … this is what it really looks like and so many fish!

Scott took this on the GoPro, amazing little cameras. He is also the editor. Can’t wait to share this experience with our family, friends and eventually our guests.

Mangaliliu snorkelling

Mangaliliu Vanuatu snorkeling

Mangaliliu reef fish

Mangaliliu reef fish

I took the still shots with my little Olympus camera

Mangaliliu reef 2 Mangaliliu reef 1

Mangaliliu Reef

Next video we will show you the block… in its raw state. SO much planning and work to do. I can visualise how divis will look very clearly in my head, I wonder how many headaches I will have while we are creating it in real life…???

Will have that up soon.

See you in Paradise.