Tusker is the local beer in Vanuatu, and they make a “Tusker Lemon” beer that Bob (neighbour) introduced me to while in Vanuatu last November (2015).

I enjoyed the flavor, consuming quite a few in the week I was there checking out the block at Mangaliliu, Vanuatu. I am looking forward to having another Tusker Lemon next weekend, after arriving in Port Vila. C’mon Air Vanuatu – please keep those planes flying into and landing safely at Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Earlier this week after hearing about Air New Zealand, then QANTAS, and now Virgin Australia not flying into Port Vila Vanuatu because of the condition of the runway, I started scanning the web searching for any information I could find to gain a better understanding of the situation. While much of the information reported was simply comments from one government agency blaming another government agency for the issue, I couldn’t find any actual steps being taken, other than planned meetings and visiting delegations, that was leading to the outcome wanted by all – every airline being able to fly into and land safely at Port Vila International Airport Vanuatu.

But I did come across the Tusker Road Movie, and I LOVED IT.

Check it out for yourself …

BUT … the locals are not happy!

The Vanuatu Daily Digest said:

Video: Tasteless Tusker promo plumbs new low in Vanuatu advertising

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but they were not convinced that is entirely true.


Whether you have been to Vanuatu or not, I would love to read/receive any comments you might have about the Tusker Road Movie.