Author: Scott Proud


Just wanted to let you in on a few significant things for us today (Friday 19 Aug 2016) …

First, the team putting the roof on Glamping Hut Two asked us to remove a tree.  NO, Darleen said, I don’t want the whole tree removed. Just remove the branch!

Remove tree Glamp 2

Remove tree Glamping Hut 2

We approached are new neighbour Josie (who is great and deserves his own blog on another day), who came to the rescue.

Josie on ladder

Josie on ladder

He climbed the ladder, with the chain saw and cut down the tree in pieces.

The top piece was tied to the tow bar of our Isuzu D-Max, and I separated the top piece of the tree after Josie had carefully cut half way through the branch with the chain saw. We did it without doing any damage to Josie, the car … or Glamping Hut Two!

The second significant event for us today, our other neighbour Alan & Bronwyn have departed for a three (3) week family visit in Australia. With Josie also away tonight, Darleen and I are alone in the bush.

The third is a small milestone … the team working on Divi’s Tapas Bar finished the internal rendering this afternoon. It looks great.

Scott … live from Vanuatu.



We headed back to the Gold Coast (Australia) to take delivery of our second container on Sunday 31 July 2016.  The container arrived first thing Monday morning, and we had four (4) days to pack it before it was scheduled to be collected on Friday morning (5 August 2016).

The morning before we headed to the airport, we shot some more short videos. This is the first, enjoy the tour …

Scott from Vanuatu


I want to introduce you to Leisong who is a lovely Ni-Van (local Vanuatu resident) from Mangaliliu village (closest village 800 metres to Divi’s). Leisong came with the house we are renting from our neighbour Bob. Leisong is our “house lady”. Hate the term, but that is the way her role is described.

Leisong has separated from her husband, who moved on and remarried. Leisong has two children, Bruce and Presley. Bruce is married to Filima, with two beautiful kids. Darleen employed Bruce back in May to assist with our new chain saw and clearing on the block.

Bruce is part of the Thomas Bros family, as is Leisong. This meets an important condition of our land lease: that we offer jobs first to the Thomas Bros family, then Ni-Vans from the village. Only if a role cannot be filled by a Ni-Van from the Thomas Bros family or the Mangaliliu village, can we employ a Ni-Van from outside the area.

Chief Mangaliliu

Chief Mangaliliu

The gentleman in this photo is Chief Mormor from Mangaliliu village. He is 36 and was sworn in as the new chief earlier this year. He has known from a very young age that he was going to be the village Chief at Mangaliliu.

We met with the Chief to discuss our development, and why we employed an outside builder. We wanted to explain we didn’t have building experience like our neighbours Bob and Alan who employed Ni-Vans from the village for their construction. But as soon as the building construction was finished, and the business ready to open, we would be in a position to employ Ni-Vans from the village for many years to come.

Throughout the discussion he was very quiet and measured, but appeared to take in what we saying, and what we are trying to achieve. He came across as on-board with our Divi’s concept.

Love living at Mangaliliu in Vanuatu.

From paradise … Scott


27 July 2016

Great news, the vessel with our container is in Port Vila Harbour this afternoon. As soon as the P&O ship departs (around 5pm), the container ship will dock and our container will be unloaded tonight. We have been told there is a chance the container may delivered on Saturday. That will be a huge relief for Darleen.

Below are links to the last two videos shot on the 13 July 2016:

VIDEO WALK – Driveway 13 July 2016

Enjoy the tour …

VIDEO WALK – Darleen watering 13 July 2016

Enjoy the tour …

Scott from Vanuatu


I was excited yesterday to share the video walk of the wine & tapas taken on 13 July 2016. Well … below I have included four (4) short videos that show the rest of the site construction also taken on 13 July 2016.

VIDEO WALK – Bungalow

Enjoy the tour …

VIDEO WALK – Glamping Hut One

Enjoy the tour …

VIDEO WALK – Glamping Hut Two

Enjoy the tour …

VIDEO WALK – Burn Pile

Enjoy the tour …

Scott from Vanuatu

VIDEO WALK – Wine & Tapas 13 July 2016

This video was taken on the morning of the 13th July 2016.

It was incredibly special on this day to walk through the wine and tapas building. To see the actual size of each room, the position of the windows and the view from Divi’s bar … WOW!

The wine & tapas building started as a concept we casually discussed as a “WHAT IF”. The concept developed into an image in Darleen’s mind, before she transferred that image to a sketch pad. After several months of fine tuning, we took the drawing to a draftsman who developed a set of drawings to scale.

Now we can stand in the centre of that concept!

Hope you enjoy the brief tour …

Scott in Vanuatu


The internet struggle continues …

After loading the Wine & Tapas and Bungalow shortened video walks I shattered our data limit! In the last week it has taken minutes to download an email … bring on the 20th June when our data allowance is restored … that is our understanding anyway.

So Darleen and I are in Port Vila using free Wifi with lunch at The Office Pub.

Remember, this video was taken on 23rd June 2016.

We were so excited. To walk through the actual building that Darleen designed, and we have been developing in our minds over the last two years was incredible.

Enjoy the tour …

Next week (hopefully) part three, the first glamping hut.

Love Manhaliliu at Vanuatu … Scott